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Split Skies and a Scalpel // After Kaveh Akbar

By: Laurel Reynolds // TW: SA

Image created by WOMBO

desire only kills morals you reach down my throat I am drowning in blood and the air has never tasted so good I am pretending everything is okay that I am not crawling between bones just drowning in split skies fourteen and stuck in your teeth nineteen and afraid to bite to be frozen painted in the sky tongue cut out and choking drowning on blood no dissection of body and trauma can happen again I won’t let it nineteen and an unused rape kit at the hospital fourteen and a victim statement that will never be in court tell myself this is still my blood watch it turn to cortisol tell myself I am not a child anymore and shiver I am nineteen and have never tasted so good

First Published at TruArtSpeaks

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